Friday, August 12, 2016

The switch

Walt use videos to make our writing better we know we can do this when we have don these things Made shore we used a capital I in the right places , full stops,          capital letter and smiles and adjectives.                          Hi i'm the ball boy in the crowd .I’m holding a bright black yellow green and light pink ball. .I can feel the grip on the bright coloured ball.. I can see the people and I think to myself what it would be like to be a famous football player. .Suddenly I can hear the crowd shouting. .It was as loud as a gunshot. .All I could see was CRISTIANO RONALDO heading towards me in his dark red uniform. Next thing I new I ended up on the smooth ground. It was as smooth as a baby's head.. All I could see was blurry people. I felt dizzy, I was dizzier than when I have the flu.The next morning I woke up and looked around everything was mostly white the sheet were, the walls were. Then there was a big glass door. It was as big as a wall. I could hear someones foot steps down stairs.I walked down the stairs.The stairs were glass stairs.They were as shiny as a diamond. Then this lady gave me black shiny keys.They were as shiny as silver.Then I walked out side and there was a flash car.It was probably as expensive as a block of gold.It was as shiny as sun.It nearly blinded me like the sun. I hopped into the car it smelled new.It also smelled like it had some sort of perfume in it.So I started the car.All I could hear was the sound of the car.It was as loud as a motor bike maybe even louder then a motorbike.I put my foot on the pedal and I acsadently crashed in to the wall.The wall was as white and shiny as white paper.Then I finally got the handle of the car. When I went past security they laugh at me.They had blue and black on uniforms on .I think they were laughing at the car.I saw the field it was like three or four house on it. It was as big as a giant or just a little bit smaller.So then everyone started to turn up.We grab a ball each.They were the same colour as the day i got hit in the head.Some people came passed.They laughed at me.The next day we went to vs my old team.The game began me and the real Cristano Ranoldo were racing to get the ball we both sleped and bumped heads.The end.

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