Thursday, September 1, 2016


WALT demonstrate our school values through hakinakina 
We know we have done this when we have been respectful, kind, honest and enjoyed ourselves.
  • When I was playing basketball I was being honest because when I didn't get it in  I was honest because I didn't just skip the level I stayed in the same level                               and gave the ball to the other person.                                                    
  •  I was kind in volley ball by giving everyone a turn at serving.

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  1. Mōrena Shontae
    Great Idea for a post I really like how you all have been sharing and it is very good to share in sports!
    This post reminded me of when I was doing netball and I had to share the ball with my team mates.
    Why did you choose to write a post about this?
    He Whetū Koe! (You're a star)
    From Jessie


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