Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet WALT write our names using the greek alphabet. We know we have done this when we have drawn the letters correctly and published on our blog.                                                  

 Draw your name using sumo paint and then see if you can find the meaning of your name in Greek.                


  1. Tena Koe Shontae
    Ka pai (good work) on your post I think that this relates to your Greek work really well! this reminds me if when I was learning different languages and what the letters were. Why did you choose to do the alphabet? What does your name mean?
    Heoi ano taku mo naianei (that's all from me for now)
    From Jessie

  2. Kia ora Shontae.
    Its Sebastian from the Mamaku Hub. The Greek Alphabet looks really complex but I get it. Good work you just need a little bit more info. How many more words do you know? Mai Sebastian.


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