Thursday, August 11, 2016


WAL the kupu for the Olympics
We know we have done this when we have a correct image for each kupu


  1. Bula Vinaka Shontae. My name is Ruby and I am from Mamaku 2. I really like how you have put all the Maori words onto one slide with a background picture. Next time you could add a transition onto the slides to make it look nice. This reminds me of when we studied the Olympics.

  2. Bula I'm Sebastian. I'm from Grey Main School. You know a lot of the Olympics events in Maori. How did you learn the Olympics events in Maori? Next time try to put Maori at the top and English at the bottom of the slide.

  3. Kia Orana Shontae. My name is Reagan and I am from Mamaku 2. I really like how you have put the Maori name by the picture of the event. This reminded me when we do Te Reo Maori activities with Whaea Katie. Did you know some of the events in Maori without having to research them? From Reagan


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