Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Passion project on hair and makeup

WALT research a subject of our choice
We started the term being to choose our own subject to research.
I really enjoyed having the freedom to choose and cant wait for next one


  1. Kia ora Shontae. Makeup is not boys thing but it's still a great thing. the writing is bit hard to read. How many more people do you know about that are makeup artists. Mai Sebastian

  2. Kia Ora Shontea,
    It Richard From Mamaku hub. Make up is not really a boys thing. But I think it is an Miharo (amazing) thing you can do.
    Do you like make up?
    Mai Richard

  3. To Shontae
    I really like your passion project
    It is very intresting

    from madi

  4. Tena Koe Shontae
    I think that this is a very interesting subject for a passion project. This reminded me of when I did my passion project on Italy, I really enjoyed it. You could work on your spelling, color and background choices because it is hard to read.
    Why did your choose makeup for you passion project?
    Ka Pai (Great Work)
    From Jessie

  5. Tapatapahi ana Shontae
    I like your passion project that you done on hair and make-up.Theirs lots of information on you 3 slides.On slide 3 your color front is a bit hard to see.I like you pictures your put in. But there wise your slide show is good.


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